Problem Gaming

Today, on an average, a gambler might lose money without making a complete ruckus out of it. Sadly, there is a small group of people in Canada that might get obsessed with the idea of winning all of it back. Yes, this group comprises 3.2% of the adult population in this country. According to the Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario official Facebook page, they are suffering from addicted gaming problems this year.

This means that gambling for these problem gaming addicts have become much more than occasional entertainment and something other people do for excitement. Some identifiable reasons why it has led them to become gambling addicts are unstable financial conditions, spending too much time in online or land-based casinos, lost interest in the social activities of life, etc.

If the maths are correct, 3.2% might not sound like a huge number. But when the population of Canada is taken into consideration, this simple percentage can cross over a million people living in the country right now. Overall, the root problem of this show down is excessive gambling and consequently affecting everything else.

In addition, the problem for this group of problem gaming addicts is situated in much worse windows than you would expect. When the loss is often more than what they can capture, these smart and intelligent citizens of the country turn against the law and engage themselves in camera-monitored illegal and violent activities like theft. Sometimes, they would also cross the line and steal from their family members. All logic is lost and they end up going against the law.

The destruction and devastation that the caused by the behavior of these problem gaming gamblers is something that should not be taken lightly at all. Such people will end up causing more loss to the society than good. If you know any person who is looking to get rid of such problems, it is up to you to show them the right path and support them with all your heart and soul.

Canada is home to a lot of support systems that can effectively help you get rid of all these problems. Of course, you need not feel ashamed of this problem. Addiction is a disease and just like any other diseases, it can be cured. Perhaps, the first challenge for a gaming problem addict is calling out for help. If they are left ignored, such cries of help will eventually turn into something ugly and might cause the person to end up in jail.

Who are the most affected group when it comes to problem gambling?

Let us first get into some basic math. From the above, we come to know that about 3.2% of the adults are addicted to gambling. Now, according to various sources, 2.2% out of this group comprises of children about the 4th number from the ks1 group graders. Yes, it means that in theory, children between the age grade of 15 and 24.

In today’s time, kids and teenagers are intelligent enough and have the skill sets to dodge security checks by online casinos and begin playing different video slot games on their computer. No matter how tough the security might be, there is always a hole within a gaming website. But, the gambler is not the only one who is affected by this problem. Bonds with families and friends become increasingly in danger because the gaming addict starts ignoring duties as a friend or family and ends up borrowing or spending more to pay off debts and loans.

How do you know if someone is suffering from a gambling problem?

Gambling addiction can be found within all sorts of socio-economic groups, right from the richest of the rich till the poorest of the poor. The only differentiating factor is the age group. Hence, it does not really matter if you are rich or poor, hitting the rock bottom will eventually get to everyone.

Some common traits that a person faces are lack of self-worth, divorce, depression and suicide attempts. These are just some of the reasons why people develop an addiction to gambling, whether done online or on land-based casinos.

According to the word, there are multiple reasons why people get addicted to gambling. While some just want to escape the harsh realities of life, others simply want to recoup for their losses. People love a lot of different games like live baccarat and online video slots. Just like high-stake gamblers, you will see a lot of small penny-dealing gamblers who are on the verge of addiction. In short, there is no telling what a compulsive gambler looks like.

What should be done to help an addicted gambler?

There are a lot of resources for addictive gamblers. Out of the many online resources, it is best that you might want to check out is the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC). The not-for-profit agency is a great solution for gambling addicts and can help them control the hunger for gambling before it goes out of control in the 1st place.

The ultimate goal of the RGC center is not only to create general and interactive awareness about the dangers of excessive gambling but also treat people to get rid of this habit. Interestingly, this group is not at all against gambling; it is just the addiction that they want to get rid of. Only the most efficient and effective measures and safeguards are employed, which are all developed after going through advanced research.

Which one will be the most effective program for a gambling addict?

Every person in this world is built differently. Hence, it is not an exact science that one type of medication will result positively. Hence, you need to start by not allowing that person access to any online or land-based casino. You will find a lot of technology like the Elgato which can help you keep an eye on your gambling-addict friend while they are on their own.

One site that we would suggest highly is Yes, this site provides some of the best options when it comes to dealing against gambling addiction. They will provide you with all the information that you need to get free help for yourself or someone who is deeply addicted to gambling. The team here offers nothing but the best. You just need to create an account and login your credentials. Often, the simplest solutions are within your grasp. Just hold on and show a sign for help for solving this addiction problem and war and begin building a new world.

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